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      Outstanding People

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      Outstanding People


      Experts enjoying special government allowances

      Yao Yunsheng; Bo Jingshan; Guo Xun; Wan Yongge; Shen Jun

      Excellent seismologicalworkers (Ministerial Model Worker)

      Meng Xiaochun

      Expert with outstandingcontributions at the provincial level

      Chi Baoming

      Selected into “100 Talents Project” of China Earthquake Administration

      Bo Jingshan; Guo Xun; Wan Yongge; Shen Jun

      Selected into “100 Talents Project for Earthquake Prevention and Alleviation” of China Earthquake Administration

      Lu Tao; Li Ping; Sun Zhiguo

      “Cross-centuryscientists and engineers” of China Earthquake Administration

      Bo Jingshan

      Academic leaders of key disciplinesat the provincial level

      Liu Chunping

      Members of the 4th Consultative Group of Academic Degree Evaluation Committee of Hebei Provincial People's Government

      Liu Chunping; Shen Jun

      Provincial Outstanding Teachers

      Chi Baoming; Shi Feng; Meng Xiaochun; Feng Jilin; Guo Zihui; Zhao Yibin; He Xiuling; Sheng Shuzhong

      Doctoral Supervisors

      Yao Yunsheng; Liu Chunping; Chi Baoming; Guo Xun; Wan Yongge; Shen Jun; Liao Shunbao